Oracle SOA BPEL Interview Questions | Part -1

1) What is SOA?
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is used to develop Enterprise applications by using a collection of services which communicates each other. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a set of principles and methodologies for designing and developing software in the form of interoperable services.

2) What are dspMaxThread and recieverThread properties? Why are they important?

Receiver Threads property specifies the maximum number of MDBs that process Async across all domains. Whereas the dspMaxThread are the maximum number of MDBs that process Async and threads that operate across a domain. So, we need to ensure that the dspMaxThread value is not greater than Receiver Threads.

Oracle BPEL Interview Questions

 3) What is the difference between 10g and 11g?

SCA architecture was followed in 11g and not in 10g

In 11g you can put all your project SOA components in composite.xml file and deploy as a single deployment unit to single server, where in 10g you have to deploy each component to the respective server (i.e. ESB to ESB server, BPEL to BPEL Server)

Basically all the SOA components like BPEL, ESB (Called Mediator in 11g), & OWSM are brought into one place in 11g using SCA composite concept.

The major difference between 10g & 11g would be the app server container. 10g by default runs onOC4J while 11g runs on Web logic Server.

In 10g every BPEL is a separate project, but in 11g several components can make 1 project as SCA.

In 10g consoles are separate for BPEL and ESB, but in 11g Enterprise Manager contains all.

In 10g BAM and business rules are outside SOA Suite, but in 11g they are in SOA Suite.

4) Is Oracle SOA same as Oracle Fusion Middleware?

No because SOA is one of the parts in Fusion middleware and SOA behaves like user interface where as Fusion is big platform

5) What is SCA?

Service Component Architecture (SCA) provides a programming model for building applications and systems based on a Service Oriented Architecture. SCA is a model that aims to encompass a wide range of technologies for service components and for the access methods which are used to connect them.

6) What is the SOA Suite 11g Components?

Oracle Adapters

Oracle Mediator

Business Events and Events Delivery Network

Oracle Business Rules

Human Workflow

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle Enterprise Manager

7) What is choreography? How does it differ from orchestration?

In choreography there is no business process to control the integration between the systems; each system will directly integrate with one another in sequence where as in Orchestration there is a business process which controls all the services (source/Target) which is part of the integration. 

8) Principles of SOA?

Loose coupling




9) What are the different design patterns in SOA?


Asynchronous Fire and Forget

Asynchronous Delayed Response.

10) In how many ways can a process be deployed?

Using Jdeveloper

Through Enterprise Manger Console

Through Weblogic Scripts.

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