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BPM Suite 12c: Oracle Adaptive Case Management: Monitoring Case Events

Oracle Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is an interesting addition to Oracle BPM Suite which has been  introduced in Adaptive Case...


Quick overview of Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1 new features

Oracle has just released SOA Suite 12.2.1 which contains several exciting new features. The below entries have shamelessly copied from the...


Business Activity Monitoring | BAM 12c Series - Introduction

Unlike in BAM 11g, where it the architecture was upgraded from 10g, BAM 12c is a re-engineered product written from ground up. So, we will...


Oracle SOA BPEL Interview Questions | Part-2

11) How to increase the transaction timeouts in SOA? For the transaction timeout needs to be increased, all the below settings timeout val...


Oracle SOA BPEL Interview Questions | Part -1

1) What is SOA? Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is used to develop Enterprise applications by using a collection of services...


Oracle SOA BPEL Designer

Oracle BPEL Process Manager provides support for two types of BPEL designer environments for graphically designing BPEL processes: J...


What Is Oracle BPEL Process Manager

Oracle BPEL Process Manager provides a framework for easily designing, deploying, monitoring, and administering processes based on B...

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